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Can you match the numbers??

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Thank you!

Thank you to the wonderful secret Santa who surprised us with this lovely little tree.  We can’t wait to decorate it for the holidays 🎄

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Popsicle stick bombs..

These are a very popular activity in our class.   We learned the basics and now we are all experimenting with new designs.  

Are you ready to try a chain reaction?   Try this Chain reaction

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Clay fossils

Fossils are fascinating and give isbso much information into the past. We made our own out of clay with leaves, dinosaurs and other items.  Once dried they went into the kiln so that we could keep them forever.  We had fun writing about the imaginary places that we found our fossils 

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Chemical reactions (aka exploding rockets)..

So much fun!   Learning about chemical reactions.  Alka-seltzer and vinegar…  producing carbon dioxide (CO2) ..

How high can we get them to go once the gas builds up inside the film canisters?


A slow motion video of alka-seltzer and water..


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The great ice race!!

So much fun!   How fast can your group melt a bag of ice?  A fun way to learn about thermal energy (convection, conduction & radiation)

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Exciting news!

I have told a few parents that I see after school but for those of you who have not yet heard we have received a grant for our classroom to expand our STEM manipulatives.   More snap circuits (yay!) A robot to build and code and some wondeful logic based games.   So exciting!  We can’t wait for them to arrive. 

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Planting a promise

Today we took full advantage of the non rainy afternoon to get outside and plant our daffodils.  Thanks to Agriculture Canada for once again allowing us to participate in the planting a promise program.  We can’t wait to see them grow into flowers this Spring!

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